Press release

Dear Every Day Is Cigar Day Client,
With a heavy heart, Andrius and Paul are sharing this press release. We value your business and are committed to providing you with a premium cigar experience which can be enjoyed daily. When things do not go as planned, we are also committed to transparency--because you deserve it. Thus, we want to let you know what we have discovered, how it impacts you, how we have planned to rectify it, and what we have planned for the future.
What Happened?
We recently learned that the "Every Day Is Cigar Day - Core Line" second batch was incorrectly manufactured. The known issues are:
  1. Incorrect tobacco used for blends - this impacted the desired/known flavor profile that we have promised to you (Est. 15% of the new batch)
  2. Dry Boveda packs - this impacted the overall quality after transit. Our cigars were aged at 65% RH while packaged with 69% Boveda packs. Thus the Boveda packs became dry in the boxes (Est. 60%+ of boxes)
  3. General Quality Control - this will only be aesthetic regarding sun spots, minor wrapper holes, etc...
Unfortunately, our original manufacturing run and this second batch have been co-mingled in storage by our manufacturing partner. Since we will be unable to guarantee that only the original inventory will ship, we felt it our responsibility to notify our customers and social media followers of these issues. 
We take full and total responsibility for this issue and hope you share our relief that it was identified during our continued quality assurance process. The below plan has been developed with you in mind. It will allow us to assure that Every Day is Cigar Day will continue bringing you the best daily smokes in the market.
Our Plan To Rectify
The idea behind Every Day Is Cigar Day has always been to provide a direct-to-consumer marketplace for our core line, special editions, and factory overruns cigars at highly favorable pricing, enabling the daily enjoyment of premium cigars without breaking the bank. In addition, we plan to add and grow our online catalog to include other boutique brands we work with which are either currently unavailable in the USA and/or generally hard to find.
As the aforementioned cigars do not align with our values and brand mission, we have made the easy decision to liquidate ALL the current inventory at prices below our cost basis. Even though these cigars do not meet our high standards, they will still perform well. By purchasing what remains of this inventory you are helping to further support the project and vision which is Every Day is Cigar Day.
As of today, June 26th 2024, all boxes on the site shall be discounted by 60% as follows:
VITOLA: Boxes 16
Pablito: 4" X 48
Chonk: 4.25" X 64
Papito: 4.75" X 36
Robusto: 5" X 50
Torpedo: 6" X 52
Toro: 6" X 52
Gordo: 6" X 60
  • No other discounts shall apply. All issued discount codes are VOID as of June 2, 2024
    • Exception: Free shipping within USA on all orders over $100 still applies. Code: FREESHIP
    • Exception: Gift cards
  • Discount applies to current in-stock inventory. When it's sold, it's gone
  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL, NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS - All known issues noted above.
Moving Forward
As many of you may be aware, we have recently co-founded our own factory here in Esteli, Nicaragua, which will provide us with much greater transparency and oversight of production.  For those curious: Yes--our former factory partnership has been dissolved due to their disregard for the quality control procedures required to maintain a premium smoking experience. We simply felt this egregious breach of trust was not something we could overlook when manufacturing large quantities of cigars from ultra-premium tobacco.
Our current plan is to liquidate all the co-mingled stock and then "re-launch" our online catalog with the following:
  1. Every Day Is Cigar Day - Core blends that shall be NEW and improved. The cigars shall be using even higher quality tobacco, enhanced flavor profile, and much tighter quality control. The blends we are developing include:
    1. Connecticut 2.0
    2. Barber Pole 2.0
    3. Habano 2.0
    4. Maduro 2.0
  2. Every Day Is Cigar Day - Silver Line AP41. This is a special birthday blend we had made for Andrius. If you like it full and meaty, this is the one for you...
  3. Every Day Is Cigar Day - Silver Line L3. This is a four-year-aged Lancero, made with tobacco we have previously curated. This smokes provides a mild-plus treat from start to finish
As we finalize our relaunch, the timeline for these releases is still pending. Though, our target is currently set for Q4 2024. We trust you will stay tuned as we continue sharing updates via our newsletter and social media accounts.
Working in Nicaragua keeps life interesting, and these unfortunate events have not dented our passion for cigars and our mission to sell the best Every Day smokes for you to enjoy. We hope you continue with us on this journey and we deeply appreciate all our patrons -- past, current, and future -- understanding and supporting Every Day Is Cigar Day.
Keep it smokey,
Andrius & Paul